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Steven universe: Season 1 [videorecording]

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All 53 episodes of the American animated series. Steven Universe (voice of Zach Callison) teams up with a group of warriors known as the Crystal Gems as they protect Earth, and specifically Steven's hometown, Beach City, using their magical powers. As the youngest member of the group the inexperienced Steven learns about friendship and loyalty from the other Crystal Gems. The episodes are: 'Gem Glow', 'Laser Light Cannon', 'Cheeseburger Backpack', 'Together Breakfast', 'Frybo', 'Cat Fingers', 'Bubble Buddies', 'Serious Steven', 'Tiger Millionaire', 'Steven's Lion', 'Arcade Mania', 'Giant Woman', 'So Many Birthdays', 'Lars and the Cool Kids', 'Onion Trade', 'Steven the Sword Fighter', 'Lion 2: The Movie', 'Beach Party', 'Rose's Room', 'Coach Steven', 'Joking Victim', 'Steven and the Stevens', 'Monster Buddies', 'An Indirect Kiss', 'Mirror Gem: Part 1', 'Ocean Gem: Part 2', 'House Guest', 'Space Race', 'Secret Team', 'Island Adventure', 'Keep Beach City Weird', 'Fusion Cuisine', 'Garnet's Universe', 'Watermelon Steven', 'Lion 3: Straight to Video', 'Alone Together', 'Warp Tour', 'The Test', 'Future Vision', 'On the Run', 'Horror Club', 'Winter Forecast', 'Maximum Capacity', 'Marble Madness', 'Rose's Scabbard', 'Open Book', 'Shirt Club', 'Say Uncle', 'Story for Steven', 'The Message', 'Political Power', 'The Return: Part 1' and 'Jail Break: Part 2'.
Funimation, 2020.
3 videodiscs (598 min.) : col.
Region 2, 4 disc(s), Interactive menus, Languages (English).Made in 2013.Boxed.Credits: executive producer, Rebecca Sugar; voice, Zach Callison; voice, Estelle; voice, Michaela Dietz; voice, Deedee Magno; voice, Tom Scharpling; voice, Charlyne Yi; voice, Grace Rolek; voice, Matthew Moy; voice, Kate Micucci; voice, Shelby Rabara.Made in 2015.Extras to be confirmed, Region 2, 4 disc(s), Interactive menus, Languages (English).Extras to be confirmed, Region 2, 3 disc(s), Interactive menus, Languages (English).
BBFC code: PG.
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