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The gravity of love

Harrison, Noelle, 1967-2018
After 20 years of marriage, Arizona housewife Joy Sheldon comes to the brutal realisation that her marriage - and her life - has been a lie. Her husband has been cheating on her and, at the same time, her dying father tells her she is adopted. Feeling betrayed, broken and lost, Joy embarks on a journey in search of her true self and identity. For 20 years, Englishman Lewis Bell has been living an empty life in Arizona, ashamed of his failure, and hiding from the ghosts of his past in 60s London. But when his wife leaves him for another man he decides that it is finally time to face the past and make amends for his betrayal and for the harm he's caused to the only people who mattered. As Joy and Lewis both travel to Ireland, Joy in search of a lost mother and Lewis in search of a lost love, what they each find is unexpected, astonishing and shocking.
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The gravity of love / Nöelle Harrison.
Edinburgh : Black & White Publishing, 2018.
396 pages ; 20 cm
9781785301933 (pbk)
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